Germany offers one of the most attractive wine markets at a global level. It represents the fourth biggest wine consumption market and a world champion in sparkling wine consumption as well as in wine imports: more than half of the wine consumed in Germany is imported despite home production.
As a matter of fact, Germany is the world's leading wine import country in quantity, followed by the United Kingdom, and with a wider gap by the USA. With regard to country of origin, three main countries - Italy, France, and Spain - constantly battle for leadership, with Italy having a strong lead. Given the role of red wine preference among German people, Consorzio Vini Colli Bolognesi aims at promoting production method and features of its DOP wines, by raising awareness about the relevance of Protected Denomination of Origin products through different channels and target groups (importers, buyers, opinionleaders and consumers) in particular taking part to one of the most famous wine exhibition fair of the world, i.e. PROWEIN in Dusseldorf. The purpose is to boost the interest for Colli Bolognesi DOP wines also by explaining the role of denomination, the relevance of quality and production method, as well as pairings with food.


France is one of the biggest wine producers together with Italy and Spain but, in 2018, remains also among the biggest wine importers by volume (fourth place after Germany, UK and USA).
The wine market in France has doubled the import of Italian wines in the last decade. In particular, our national sparkling wine deserves a special mention: the export in France has increased of 276% in value. In this context, the Colli Bolognesi Pignoletto DOCG (DOP top quality).

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