The DOP Colli Bolognesi wines (Denominazione di Origine Protetta in Italian, that is Protected Designation of Origin) includes the following denominations:

1 - DENOMINAZIONE DI ORIGINE CONTROLLATA E GARANTITA (DOCG), that is Controlled and Guaranteed Designation of Origin;

2 - DENOMINAZIONE DI ORIGINE CONTROLLATA (DOC), that is Controlled Designation of Origin.

Both categories represent quality wines following strict production protocols. Since they are produced in small welldefined areas with specific production features, they are placed in the upper part of the classification, above PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) and generic wines.

1 - DOCG Colli Bolognesi Pignoletto

Definitely one of the most interesting white wines in our wine industry, with a pronounced typical character that is now appreciated all over Italy as well as abroad. Its grape variety of Pignoletto is Grechetto Gentile, also known locally as Alionzina. With thick skin and compact grape bunches, this variety can adapt to many different wine production processes.

sparkling and semi-sparkling, with 85% Grechetto Gentile minimum, production 12 ton/ha

still, with 85% Grechetto Gentile minimum, production 11 ton/ha

still, with 95% Grechetto Gentile minimum, production 9 ton/ ha; grapes must be located exclusively in the historical area of the Bologna?s hills, on the market after October 4th of the year following the harvest.

The Spumante and Frizzante versions are pale yellow, pleasantly sparkling, delicate taste of white flowers and fruity apricot and peach, elegant, appropriately balanced with acidity that blend harmoniously with the fruity structure. It can be served at 6-8° C as an aperitif with fish or Mortadella, ideal with 'Tortellini in brodo' the typical bolognese pasta filled with mortadella and meat.

Still versions (Superiore and Classico Superiore) are straw yellow with green tinges, intense perfume, persistent with hints of rennet apples, hazelnut, cinnamon and honey. Taste: dry, aromatic, intense with a long finish. It can be served at 12° C as an aperitif, with Tortellini and first courses, fish, white meats and fresh cheeses.

2 - DOC Colli Bolognesi
Since 1980, red wines and international varieties such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, traditional Barbera and Bologna Rosso made the area surrounding the Bolognese Hills very popular in Italy and abroad.
Among the red wines, most famous DOC Colli Bolognesi are:

Colli Bolognesi are the main cultivation area for Barbera after Piemonte. The sparkling version has a ruby red colour, tending to purple, fine and persistent. The perfume is vinous and characteristic, taste dry and tannic. Serving suggestions: pasta, meats and tasty sauces, cold cuts (salame, mortadella, ciccioli). The still version can be either vintage or reserve, in the first case it has a ruby red colour, bright with bright purple reflections, with characteristic perfume of undergrowth, complex aromas and spicy. According to the protocol, Barbera wine must be produced with 85% Barbera grape minimum.
As for the taste, it is dry, soft, delicate, slightly spicy. At a serving temperature of 14-16°C it is perfect with boiled, grilled, roasted and stewed red meats. The 'Riserva' version is recognized after a refinement of 36 months of which at least 5 in the bottle, the vivacity of the typical reflexes of this wine becomes more intense and tending to garnet while the spicy taste becomes more complex, full, round. Pairing: grilled or braised red and wild game meat.

It must contain 50% Cabernet Sauvignon minimun, an international variety cultivated in the Colli Bolognesi area since long time. The colour is intense ruby red with violet nuances. At nose elegant and concentrated aromas, with shades of raspberry, blackcurrant and violet. Exuberant, well-structured wine with elegant tannins and a lasting aroma. You can serve it at 14-16°C, recommended for red and white meat dishes, roasts, loins of lamb and medium-aged cheese. With a minimum aging of 36 months including an aging of at least 5 months in the bottle, its ruby colour is enriched with garnet reflections while the scent gains in intensity and depth while retaining traces of the original herbaceous characteristics. The flavour is velvety, full-bodied, sapid, harmonious and combines elegantly with very aged cheeses and grilled red meats, including wild game meat.

In addition, also the DOC Colli Bolognesi Merlot (85% merlot minimum) and DOC Colli Bolognesi Cabernet Sauvignon (85% Canernet Sauvignon minimum) are rather common.

As far as the white wines is concerned, the sub-area of Bologna is very well-known also for the aromatic Bianco Bologna and the sparkling Spumante Bologna:

The meeting between international and local varieties grown in Colli Bolognesi since long (at least 50% of Sauvignon), gives life to a sapid blend, fine and elegant, powerful at the same time, a harmony of intense aromas of yellow fruit with mineral notes. Light and bright yellow with greenish reflections, full bodied and supported by a good acidulous structure, pleasant aftertaste and right intensity. It can be served at 8-10°C with seafood risotto, grilled fish, omelettes with herbs, grilled vegetables.

It is possible to use different grapes to produce this paleyellow wine with fine and persistent perlage: at least 40% Pinot blanc, then Chardonnay, Sauvignon, Riesling italic, Pinot noir and Grechetto Gentile as well. The flavour profile is delicate, pleasant, dry, balanced and fresh.

At the same time, several other types are included among the DOC Colli Bolognesi white wines: Chardonnay (85% Chardonnay grape minimum), Pinot blanc (85% Pinot blanc grape minimum), Sauvignon (85% Sauvignon grape minimum), Riesling italic (85% Riesling italico grape minimum).

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